As many of you know, I grew up in Southern California.  I got my bachelor’s degree in Northern California, then went to New York City for my master’s degree.  After that, I moved to Portland, Oregon (where I met my husband) and now I’m in Pittsburgh.  Whew, that’s a lot of moving around!  Almost everybody asks me, “Why would you move from California to Pittsburgh?”  Well, the truth is, we love it here.  It’s a wonderful place to raise my two children, my husband is happy here (he grew up here), and I have had a pretty fun time growing a business here!

Speaking of moving far away, I was thrilled to recently have been contacted by Rachel and Brandon, whose beautiful family I photographed when they were a family of three in Pittsburgh.  Now they’ve moved to Alaska.  (Huh? Were they looking for a state with even less sunshine then Pittsburgh has?)  I was so happy that, even though they only had one weekend visiting family in Pittsburgh, they wanted me to take updated family photographs.  Baby #1 is now Big Brother Sully, and that cute little guy–that’s Baby Hudson.

(C) 2015 Powder Blue Photography.

So it’s not unusual for families to move a few times as they find their footing.  I still have family and friends on the West Coast.  And here’s the good part…having started my business in Portland, Oregon, I still go to Portland once or twice a year to take updated family photographs for my earliest clients there.  Win-win-win!  Contact me for details about my next Portland sessions.

You might recognize this location as Point State Park, one of my favorite sites in Pittsburgh for family sessions.  It has gorgeous views of the city as well as woodsy climbing spots for small and medium-sized little ones.  Plus the morning light is perfect.  Little faces absolutely light up, making my job easier!  (Tip: Morning is usually best for small children anyway, in terms of their little circadian rhythms.)

(C) 2015 Powder Blue Photography.

But my very favorite aspect of this session?  The familiar fountain and iconic bridges allows the family take a little bit of Pittsburgh back to Alaska with them.

Thank you so much, Rachel and Brandon.  So great to see you, Sully and Hudson! Next time, maybe we will use the Northern Lights as a background.


Missy Timko is the Pittsburgh family photographer behind Powder Blue Photography, a boutique photography studio located in Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in newborns, maternity, families, seniors, and headshots. Missy’s style is simple, natural, and clean, both posed and lifestyle photography with beautiful natural backdrops, and Missy also runs a studio in the West End Village in Pittsburgh.  There are many session options, from full length custom sessions to quick updates of just the kids, inside the studio or outside in a beautiful natural or urban location in Pittsburgh.  Contact Missy for availability.

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